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It gives me great pleasure as an old Student and National President of Baptist Academy Old Students Association (BAOSA) to launch our new state of the art website and online forum. “Unforgettable”, that’s the appropriate word for the school we all attended and that is the reason for creating a site like this.

The main reason for establishing BAOSA’s online forum is to foster interaction amongst old boys from all over the world. The internet is constantly shrinking the world by connecting millions of people from different time zones and different parts of the world together in real time. This forum will enable us take advantage of the awesome connective power of the internet in bringing together all our old boys. Now there are different web fora already like facebook and whatsApp that provide some form of interaction even between our members, the differences with the BAOSA website however is the intimacy it offers our members. Having our own web forum also means we get to customize the site to suit our needs and that of our members.

Currently most of our members are connected on the whatsapp forum, however, whatsapp only allows a maximum of 100 people to get on the group chatting system. The new BAOSA web portal however has no such restrictions. Our members can either join in a group conversation with members of their set or join in the general discursion.

What else can members do on this site? They can make friends with other old boys and connect with members they have not seen in years. They can make contributions to BAOSA through our online payment portal system. They can keep up to date with upcoming BAOSA events and they can also advertise their businesses on the site for a token. The purpose is interaction, the vehicle is the internet. So, you are invited to register and create your profile and make friends with people with whom you share the same history. We hope it will be an exciting journey for all of us. See you there.

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